Answers to your most frequently asked questions

1) What about the fuel in the car?
The car is picked up and returned with a full tank. In the contract and on the tank flap, it is always written whether the fuel is Natural 95 or Diesel. If Natural 95 is refueled instead of Diesel, the injections will become clogged and the car will stop running.

2) Is needed a deposit when renting a car?
When renting a car, a refundable deposit of CZK 8,000 – CZK 16,000 is blocked depending on the type of car and the rental period. The amount of the deposit is always communicated in advance with the total rental price.

3) Is payment required only by Credit Card or can I pay in other ways – by Debit Card or in cash?
Payment can be in cash in CZK or any foreign currency, we use a favorable exchange rate, the same according to the bank’s rate. Or the payment can be by Debit or Credit Card, the price is only increased by the minimum fee to the bank (about 2.5%).

4) Can I cancel a confirmed booking?
You can cancel your reservation at any time without penalty, but please let us know a few days in advance as soon as possible.

5) What is included in the insurance and is it necessary to pay it?
Without car insurance, we cannot rent a car. Our Standard Insurance already includes liability insurance (damage to someone else’s car and property) and in our country it also includes Accident insurance (damage to a rented car with the lowest possible deductible).

a) In the event of an accident through no fault of your own, the co-part is “0”.

b) In the event of an accident and damage through your fault or a third party, the deductible is only up to 2/3 of the expected repair in the service workshop, but a maximum of only CZK 10,000, for some cars CZK 15,000 (f.ex. repair in the service will cost CZK 3,000, but the deductible is only CZK 2,000, or the repair will cost CZK 50,000, but the deductible will be only a maximum of CZK 10,000).

MAXIMUM INSURANCE: 220-260 CZK per day, then the deductible is “0” even in the case of point b).

6) Do I have to pay for washing and cleaning the car and return the car absolutely clean?
You can return the car both unwashed and uncleaned, if the measure of external and mainly the internal dirt corresponds to normal use, the customer does not pay anything. Only in the case of above-standard soiling, it can exceptionally be charged for external washing 100 CZK and for internal cleaning 400 CZK (dog hair, spilled drinks, etc.).

7) What should I do in case of a broken bulb or a wheel defect?
Replacement of a cracked bulb, replacement of a punctured tire can be done by the client himself, or he can use the work of the service. These minor services are paid by the client.

8) What should I do in case of an accident or car breakdown?
In the event of an accident or car breakdown, call our assistance service immediately, describing what happened and the condition of the car and following its instructions. You can call nonstop.

9) Can I return the car earlier than agreed in the contract?
You can return the car earlier, the price per day is not converted to a higher rate, if the lower number of days corresponds to this, the price per day remains the same, only 50% is returned from the unused rental.

10) Can I return the car later than agreed in the contract?
The car rental can be extended at any time only by telephone or e-mail agreement. The additional rental fee is paid by agreement either by bank transfer or later in cash or by card.


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