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  1. The booking form cannot be submitted in Internet Explorer or Bing. Can be sent on Android (from mobile), Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge...
  2. It is sent only if you see the inscription: "Thank you, your request has been sent...". Otherwise, open booking form in another web browser, or send us only the e-mail Message provided in the Contact.
  3. After one booking form has been sent, it is sometimes not possible to open the new one, but when switched to the Czech version and back to English, booking form can be re-filled in case of change or correction or security of the correct sent.
    FILL IN your e-mail, only in lowercase letters. If you do not provide an email, we CANNOT send Price Quote !!!
  4. Click on Request a Quote. The question about the total price and the rent is still non-binding for you.
  5. We will send you the Total Quote promptly. The price is complete and includes insurance, mileage and all the fees.
  6. If the client is using Gmail, very often an email fall to Junk post, so check this post too. We answer on all booking form and e-mails.
  7. We hope our offer is the best, advantageous and cheapest. If you don't think so, don't be afraid to ask us questions, we'd be happy to make a deal with you.
  8. You can change the type of car, the date of rent, or break it. Or confirm your interest in reserving the car.
    We will reserve the car and send you tha Confirmatio of the car reservation.
  9. Wish you Good luck from us ! Your the cheapest car rental company...